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about 9 years ago

Sponsor Prizes for Disrupt NY

Thanks to our sponsors, we have a heap of special prizes for you. When you create your submission, make sure to select all of the sponsor prizes you want to apply for.

Concur Technologies

$2,500 worth of Amazon gift cards ($500 each team member) for best use of Concur APIs + $100 per team (10) that use Concur APIs (excluding $500 gift card winners)


Best Use of CrunchBase API – $500


Are you using maps or location services?

$2500 - Best use of Esri's mapping & location technologies.


Grand Evernote Prize Awarded to the best overall app that connects with the Evernote API. All members (4 max) win: Apple iPad Minis and 1 year of Evernote Premium (each)


1st place: 1 year silver membership, $1,500, $350 Fancy gift card, 20 GB karma hotspot

2nd place: 6 months silver membership, $1,000, $150 Fancy gift card, 5 GB Karma hotspot

3rd place: 6 months bronze membership, $250, 2 GB Karma hotspot


Best in Azure Award: This Award is for the best use of Cloud Services with Microsoft Windows Azure. Points will be awarded based on overall User Experience, and usage of:

Azure Web Sites (1 point)

Virtual Machines (2 points)

Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables, Queues) (3 points)

Azure Mobile Services (4 points) and/or Additional Azure usage (ie, SQL Databases, Service Bus, Active Directory, etc) (5 points)

Whether you are creating an iOS, Android, or Windows app, the more Azure you use, the more points you earn!

The Winning team will be awarded a $400 Gift Card for each team member, up to 5 team members total. (total prize value $2,000)


Amazon Gift Cards - $1,500


Xbox One, Nokia Lumia Icon

Yodlee Interactive

$2500 in value of VISA gift cards as well as Dr Dre Beats Pill speakers (1 speaker for each member of the winning team up to 4).

Weather Underground

$1,000 gift card to the best use of the Weather Underground weather API